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Java backend engineers

Section IV – Generic Facilities – Online Interaction is part of the Interaction chain. The chain's mission is: “to facilitate de interaction with all citizens, businesses and their representatives to enable them to meet their tax obligations and claim their rights.” The Online Interaction department makes an important contribution within this chain. This by developing and managing various internet portals and web applications. The Interaction Online - Digital Experience Platform team is working on renewing the interaction with citizens and businesses. In addition, a portal for employees is being built, so that the work comes together in one environment. These developments are done with modern means such as portal technology, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, LEAP and APIs. Close cooperation with users and practical solutions as a starting point form the basis of our work.

The platform consists of a mix of purchased and open-source products, mainly running on Linux Infrastructure and Openshift Containers. Products you can think of are HCL Websphere Portal, HCL LEAP (forms engine), Wordpress (WCM), Matomo (Metrics), Mindbreeze (Search), MariaDB and DB2 (DBMS), Moodle (Elearning). For monitoring we use Nagios (infra) and Splunk (application). For automation of Ansible and Jenkins, among others. We also use Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket for things like documentation, planning and version control.

To demand:

  • HBO work and thinking level
  • Experience with Java EE / Jakarta EE (3 years)

To wish: 

  • Familiar with Git, Atlassian stack (Jira, Confluence, BitBucket), web technologies.
  • Familiarity with the Openshift Platform is a plus.
  • Knowledge of software security requirements and some experience in solving security problems.
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